Ian G. Scott Courtroom at University of Ottawa

Brooks Building, 100 Thomas More Pvt, Ottawa, ON

Covered by local media and a great source of pride for FLUXWORX and WMTA Architects, the design and fabrication for the furniture of the Ian G. Scott Courtroom and Classroom was a substantial endeavour. FLUXWORX worked closely with WMTA to design integrated, durable, and visually stunning millwork and cladding for both the classroom and courtroom. From a massive twenty-one foot steel and porcelain classroom table with a separate “hollow beam“ suspended below the work surface via laser-cut steel trusses and clad in removable steel panels covering the data cable wire-way to massive desk assembly within the courtroom which provides not only seating but conceals the controls and cables for a myriad of electronic devices that tether the classroom observation area to the functional motions court.