Flux Lighting Desks

14 Bexley Pl, Ottawa, ON

An entirely in-house design, these workstations are graceful and appear to float in the environment. This is thanks to the radical 36” cantilevered glass on both sides of the eight inch wide central support which runs the twelve foot length of the workstation. The milky glass central privacy panel is lit from within the steel support to provide a dimmable, LED accent lighting element. The glass work surfaces can be minutely adjusted for an exact fit and finish, and provide a dry-erase work surface for impromptu design and brainstorming sessions. The central “spine” support is in reality a rugged steel frame anchored to the concrete floor and precisely clad in powder-coated steel panels which are all removable and affixed via high-strength magnets. This ensures there are no visible fasteners, creating a clean and functional design.